Author Celebrates Anniversary, Draws Massive Crowd Across California

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)— On a sunny, breezy day in Beverly Hills, fans from across Southern California all came together to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the ground breaking book American Gods by author Neil Gaiman. Among the over 1,500 attendees were familiar faces from the High Desert, including the Victorville City Library’s Librarian, Karen Pearsall Everrett and Library Aide Hope Ervin.

Everrett, among other High Desert residents, waited in an unimaginable line to get into the historic Saban Theater, where Neil Gaiman would be interviewed by comedian Patton Oswalt about the release of the Ten Year Anniversary Edition of American Gods, as well as about the news that the book will soon become a TV series. Everrett commented on the very calm and sociable crowd outside of the theater:

“The crowd at the event was wonderfully diverse. There were a variety of ages ranging from teens to retirees and, from what I overheard, a wide variety of professions as well. Knowing that a videographer has the same fascination with Neil Gaiman’s work as a cashier is one way to see the widespread allure this author has.”

American Gods tells the story of Shadow, a man who learns his wife died mere days before his prison release. Befriended and employed by an old, grizzled con man, the story spans across America, and is entangled with gods from various mythologies, as well as “new” gods spawned from the technology of now. Released in 2001, the book went on to win Hugo and Nebula Awards, and has birthed the spin off book Anansi Boys as well as a continuing chapter in Gaiman’s Fragile Things.

The event was kicked off with witty comedian Patton Oswalt (of King of Queens fame), who professed that this event was the greatest thing to happen in his life. The crowd not only rolled with laughter from Patton’s musings, but from the main himself Mr. Gaiman and special guest actress Zelda Williams, Robin William’s daughter, who helped in reenacting a scene from the celebrated book.

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary edition is available now at all book stores, locally it can be found at Barnes and Noble in the Mall of Victor Valley.

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