Breaking News: Victor Valley Community Hospital Sold To Prime Healthcare Services Foundation

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)–Just in to High Desert Daily, the embattled Victor Valley Community Hospital has been sold to the Prime Healthcare Services Foundation, High Desert Daily has confirmed.

The sale was approved in bankruptcy court today as the original buyer didn’t come through. The hospital requested Dr. Reddy’s help so that the hospital will stay open and the community would not lose jobs.” explained Lex Reddy, President and CEO of Prime Healthcare Services to High Desert Daily via phone call Thursday morning.

Victor Valley Community Hospital Spokeswoman Lovella Sullivan confirmed the approval of the sale to High Desert Daily.

Reddy also said Prime plans to improve its quality of care upgrading radiology equipment, hiring more full-time employees, and analyzing the factors leading to the hospital’s bankruptcy.

In addition to judicial consent in bankruptcy court, the sale of the not-for-profit Victor Valley Community Hospital would require a public hearing and approval from California’s attorney general’s office. The attorney general’s office previously has approved sales to Prime Healthcare, but denied the hospital chain’s recent attempt to purchase Anaheim Memorial Medical Center.

Prime Healthcare has offered $35 million to purchase the 101-bed Victor Valley hospital and has pledged to contribute an additional $15 million for hospital improvements and upgrades.

In an interview this afternoon with Victorville Mayor Ryan McEachron, he shared his views on the sale of Victor Valley Community Hospital and what it means to the community. “I am encouraged with the today’s news. That hospital needs to stay open for the entire high desert, and I know Dr. Reddy is 100 % dedicated to the this community and will continue to provide for it,” said McEachron.

The Mayor expressed his full commitment with moving forward and continuing to make the hospital available to the citizens of the High Desert. “I hope it moves forward in a quick manner, puts the proper investment in the facility to bring it up to current standards as well as provide better care to citizens of Victorville.”

Prime Healthcare also owns thirteen for-profit hospitals making it the largest for profit hospital system in California.

When asked how this impacts the community, Reddy emphasized, “The hospital is going to remain open for the community. We will be focusing on upgrading the infrastructure and facility, focusing on getting the hospital recertified in critical matters.  We are also making sure the O.B, medical and surgical services remain open in the community.”

The original buyer, KPC Global, failed to meet the deadline set, leaving the fate of the hospital in limbo until now. Prime Healthcare, the largest for-profit hospital system in California, is now in line to save the hospital from a closure that would result in not only the impact of losing all the services the facility provides, but also a loss of all the jobs as well.

Victor Valley Community Hospital has been in the negative spotlight on many occasions, so the list of what needs to be done is going to be quite large. When asked what will be some of the first improvements the community will see implemented, Mr. Reddy commented, “Investment in the infrastructure and creating jobs in the community. The hospital is currently using temporary help, so we are looking replacing the temporary staff with full time staff.”

Information regarding the sale can be found through the Riverside Bankruptcy Courts.

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  1. Mike Rothschild
    July 14, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    This is definitly good for the enire Victor Valley.

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