Breaking News: Court Case Dismissed

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)– the San Bernardino County Superior Court dismissed the Victor Valley Union High School District’s lawsuit against the City of Victorville in a dispute over solid waste fees. In its lawsuit, the District claimed the City had overcharged it more than $400,000 in franchise fees and administrative fees over the last fifteen years.

In March 2010 the District contacted the City with a request to stop service with the City so they could contract directly with the local provider as allowed by state law. The City complied with the request immediately, back dating the request to coincide with the current billing cycle. The City disagreed with the District’s assertion that they were owed any refund prior to the date of the request.

“We responded appropriately and timely to the request of the school district and saw no reason for a refund since the City had provided service during the time they were our customer,” said City Manager Doug Robertson. “It is unfortunate that we both incurred legal costs unnecessarily,” he continued, “but we are happy the court agreed with our assertion.”

The court determined the District’s claim had no legal merit and dismissed the District’s lawsuit in its entirety. The court also denied the District’s request to file an amended complaint against the City.

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