Exclusive Breaking News: Super Wal-Mart To Break Ground Before End Of July.

By Miguel Gonzalez


(Victorville)–A memorandum by Victorville Director of Development Bill Webb to senior staff and City Council has revealed that Wal-Mart has paid all permit fees and it is now closer then ever to construction and eventually opening it’s door along Bear Valley Road at the Dunia Shopping Plaza.

“This is wonderful news for our entire community,” Councilmember Mike Rothschild told High Desert Daily. “This means jobs and more shopping choices for our residents and for Victorville it means an increase on sales taxes.”

According to the memo by Webb, around $1,186,000 Million has been paid for development impact fees, sewer and traffic mitigation services to the city.

The document also reveals that Hesperia was paid $33,900 for traffic mitigation while the VVWRA was paid $144,112 for waste water costs.

Rothschild estimated that the payment of the fees puts a six month clock on the start of construction of the planned Super Wal-Mart and Sam Club locations. There are also other plans from the retail giant to build other Super Centers in Hesperia and other High Desert locations. “I believe we will be the first one to be built,” Rothschild pointed out.

The long time Victorville Councilman estimated that between construction and time of operation, the site could bring hundreds of local jobs.

City Spokeswoman Monica Peterson told High Desert Daily the ground breaking ceremony for this project will take place on July 26th at 8 am.

Figures paid by Wal-Mart:


General Fund (BLDG):                      $54,701.89

DIF:                                                     $778,716.90

Sewer:                                                $15,435.00

Traffic Mitigation:                             $337,900.00


Traffic Mitigation:                                $33,900.00


Waste Water: $144,112.62

TOTAL:                                             $1,364,766.41

Source: City of Victorville.

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