Experts: From Brink Of Recession, High Desert Shows Signs Of Growth

Partners Rob Kurth, Jeremy Schmidt, James Langley and Ryan Travis of the Kursch Group.

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)- The entire U.S. has been in a state that teeters from bad to worst economically. Unemployment rates continue to hover in an unhealthy percentage, the Golden State continues to suffer in the face of cutbacks and layoffs. Yet, there are signs of life: signs of growth that the High Desert is on the rise once again.

Partners with the Kursch Group, a new commercial real estate firm located in the Ridgecrest Business Park in Victorville, spoke with High Desert Daily on the signs they see of growth for the desert. The Kursch Group may be a new name to the community, having formed in February 2011, but the group has plenty of experience in their field, as well as first hand experience of the community.

“We are almost all lifetime residents (of the High Desert); this is our backyard, we want to see it grow,” commented Kursch Partner Jeremy Schmidt.

Growing is what the desert is doing. In the short time the Kursch Group has been in existence, the business has already been doing better than what had been expected. In facilitating retail and shopping centers to coming to the desert, the group is bringing more and more jobs with the various clients they work with. The employment part is vital to growth of the desert, which Schmidt reiterated.

“We understand that jobs need to be created. We are placing users that will create jobs and sales tax dollars.”

Creating and maintaining jobs in the High Desert is one of the group’s focal points, but so is keeping community residents to shop locally, bringing tax dollars back to desert as well. They aim to increase the choices customers have to shop from locally, so more can be spent here, and the tax dollars can go back into the community that needs it. With working with a variety of clients from retailers to high tech manufacturers, both employment opportunities and shopping diversity are rising amidst these economically rough times.

Trends include multi tenant buildings that were vacated during the start of the rough economic scenario that hit a few years back. “It’s like survival of the fittest, and those here today will most likely remain standing. Businesses have to pull back and live within our means, just like in our personal lives,” said Kursch Partner Rob Kurth.

The landscape is now more open to partnerships according to Schmidt, “all parties at the table come with a much more open mind.”

High Desert Daily will continue to inform the community about the trends of our local commercial real estate and what is creating jobs. We will continue to invite experts in the subject to bring positive news the community can use.

For more information on the Kursch Group, you can call their offices at 760-983-2383 or you can visit them on the Internet at

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