George Runner Urges Californians To Celebrate Independence Day

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–Board of Equalization Member Senator George Runner today issued the following statement urging all Californians to celebrate America’s independence this Fourth of July holiday weekend:

“This weekend we celebrate our nation’s most festive and important holiday, Independence Day. As the smell of backyard BBQs and displays of fireworks unite us in celebration, let us also reflect on the importance of this date and why we are proud to be Americans.

“It was 235 years ago that delegates of the thirteen colonies gathered as the Second Continental Congress and voted to approve a resolution declaring their independence from Great Britain. This resolution was a powerful statement asserting once and for all the sovereignty and independence of our newly formed country.

“Many historians debate the ‘real’ reasoning behind the final straw that caused early settlers to become tired of the crown and begin the fight for an end to oppression under the thumb of the crown. But one thing the majority of Americans can agree on is that the liberties and freedoms we enjoy today came at a high price and only through the courage of many brave men and women.

“More than two centuries later, the American spirit keeps us fighting for liberty both at home and abroad. Let us never forget that we live in the greatest nation on the face of earth, and that together as Americans we can overcome the many challenges facing our nation today.

“As we celebrate the birth of this great nation let us remain vigilant to protect the liberties that our nation’s founders fought to defend.

“May God bless the United States of America. Happy Independence Day!”

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