Kids And Teens Gather For A Farewell To Harry Potter

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville) The day has drawn near: the on-screen journey of the young wizard Harry Potter comes to a close July 15th, but for the Victorville City Library, the fun has already started.

This past Wednesday night, the Library was transformed into the mythical halls of Hogwarts, as stations of activities based on the popular books and films were packed with children and teenagers, as well as parents looking on. The event was planned and coordinated by Library Aide Hope Ervin, who wanted to have a way to celebrate the opening of the last film and have fun doing so. Some library staff, like Ervin, led stations in activities such as wand crafting and potion creation, but most activities were led by volunteers donating their time to ensure the attendees had a memorable time.

“A lot of the people here are actually volunteers, we have several people from the Friends of the Library that are here to help as well.” Ervin commented in a rare free moment she had during the night. The event was free to the public, but seating was limited and on a first come, first serve basis that filled up quite rapidly. Everyone attending the mini courses all had smiles across their faces, as did the parents on the sidelines.

In speaking with Kimberley Taylor, a High Desert resident whose daughter attended the event, High Desert Daily learned just what this event meant to parents and children alike, “It teaches our children that the library isn’t just for reading: there are activities to go to the library for that help children in continuing to learn.” With clay sculpting, painting, science based experiments and more, it seemed like everyone was learning something and having fun doing so.

“There are people still out here that will do events like this to help our children, and that’s what I really love.” Taylor stated as she went with her daughter to work on making wands. For more information on events the Victorville City Library has to offer, visit them on the web at

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