Mojave Flick Review: Horrible Bosses

Editor’s note: We all love movies, but rather than ask a syndicated columnist who has never visited our beautiful High Desert, we commissioned our own local movie critic: Nolan P. Smith to review films and give us a local perspective. Enjoy!

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By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)– We have all had a horrible boss once or twice in our time, of if you haven’t, your bound to have one eventually. A jerk, someone that makes work horrible to the point where you want to turn in that resignation and quit everyday. The film Horrible Bosses takes some of these stereotypes and amplifies them twice over. What’s the result?

The result is a hilarious film, another hit in the string of comedic gems with an R rating. The premise is shown over and over in previews: three friends each have a distinctly horrendous boss and decide that the only way to a better life is to kill their bosses. The trio of tormented workers, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis, work so well together, playing off each other like family would. The bosses range from sexy (Jennifer Aniston) to strange (Colin Farrell) to downright cold (Kevin Spacey), and each plays their jerk-like role to a T. The trio finds a “Murder Consultant” in Jamie Foxx, who is spot on as usual and really does add to this already outright comedic film.

The comedy keeps the laugh going throughout the entire film, as each of the cast shines. Jason Bateman seems to be on a roll since the calendar hit the 2000’s. He’s come a long way from Little House on the Prairie, as he is starring in two comedies this summer alone (this film and The Change Up in August). Charlie Day, known for his role in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has shown he has what it takes to make a splash on the big screen, just as Saturday Night Live veteran Jason Sudeikis does with ease.

Keep in mind, this is an R rated film, and the language and subject matter really earn that rating. If you’re looking for an all ages comedy, see my review on Zookeeper. But if you’re a fan of the recent hit Bad Teacher and the Hangover films, you will love Horrible Bosses. It’s a good summer for comedies, make sure to take advantage of it!

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