Positive: Mojave Water Agency Moves Into New Headquarters

Pictures Courtesy of Mojave Water Agency.

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

Pictures Courtesy of Mojave Water Agency

(Apple Valley)–A leak in the water hose, a run off of storm water into the streets, the over saturation of water into front and back lawns. Water is vital in the High Desert, and with the heat wave we have been experiencing, it should be on all High Desert resident’s minds. Yet, nothing last forever: luckily there are those making sure that the water supply in the High Desert is indeed sustainable.

“Really, our mission is to have a sustainable water supply. This facility was designed for sustainability: designed to make sure water that percolates down and that we don’t lose evaporation of storm water, make sure we have drip meters so we don’t lose to evaporation the water that were putting on our irrigation, and then that we make sure that we have the customer’s best interest in mind by being able to be available to them in one common place” stated Tamara Alaniz of the Mojave Water Agency on their brand new facility.

The new facility is down the street from their old site, now located at 13846 Conference Center Drive in Apple Valley. A stunning building that can clearly be seen from Highway 18, the new facility clocks in at 22,194 square feet for the administration building and a 6,296 square foot warehouse. Equipped with photovoltaic solar panels, high efficiency plumbing features, and implementing storm water management practices, have all helped the site become LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified.

The lights the illuminate the hallways are the strength of candlelight, as the ceilings are outfitted with solar installations as well.

One of the standouts of this new facility is the 1.7 acre sized demonstration garden, which displays alternatives to turf as well as other high water consuming plants. The desert has a unique feel to its environment, and this is what the garden truly shines on. Landscaping ideas, utilizing best water conservation practices as well as seeing what plants work best in the ever-changing climate of the High Desert are all parts of this gorgeous garden. The garden is open to the public during normal business hours.

For more information on the Mojave Water Agency, feel free to drop by their offices or visit them on the Internet at http://www.mojavewater.org/. For tools and information that can help turn your own yard into a water efficient masterpiece, visit the Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation at http://www.hdawac.org/.

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