Pop Culture Explosion At The San Diego Comic Con

pictures By Nolan P. Smith/High Desert Daily.

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)– Every July, the San Diego Convention Center, along with the historic Gaslamp District, are invaded by thousands and thousands of people from across the globe with one thing in common: their love for comics, video games, movies and everything else that is the San Diego Comic Con.

Fans flocked from every part of the world to the event, which is the largest pop culture event in the world. The event always draws over 120,000 fans each year, and it continues to grow. Attendees were treated to breaking news from comic book companies, movie studios, video game developers and more. On the comic side, the buzz around the Marvel Comics booth is next year’s soon to be mega hit movie, The Avengers. Slated to hit in May 2012, the movie is already garnering a massive amount of buzz. For DC Comics, the big news was about the DCnU, the relaunch of the entire DC Universe. Starting in August, each title will restart with a new first issue, new character designs and concepts, and new creative teams. Being the largest relaunch in comic history, fans were both excited and terrified of the idea.

“I feel the DC Universe has never been in better hands,” said Nicholas Dye, resident of Apple Valley. Dye posed questions to some of DC Comics largest talents, ranging from legendary artist Jim Lee to DC’s man of the hour himself, writer Geoff Johns. The desert was well represented at the NBC event outside of the convention center, as Dye won one of the contests for best quote, as he crafted a line to go with a picture from NBC’s “The Office”.

Movie news ran rampant throughout the convention as well, as Relativity Media announced they are producing a live action film based on the popular 80’s cartoon, Voltron. Channing Tatum was officially announced as returning for next year’s G.I Joe 2, which has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson set to star in it as well. Trailers and sneak peaks for next year’s “Amazing Spider-Man” and “Ghost Rider” were shown as well, blowing away fans who are ready for another year of comic movie goodness.

The enormity of the event has not stopped to catch its breath: this is the 9th year this reporter has attended the event, and it was by far the busiest. To see life size replicas of Voltron, Optimus Prime and a Smurf are all times you really have to experience to get the whole feel of it. The costumes were a whole other side of it, as the creativity of the fans and the talents they have in crafting such elaborate costumes is nothing short of amazing. From people dressed as Spider-Man and Superman, to more obscure choices like a Stormtrooper who lost everything to the Ewoks in Star Wars, there was no shortage in variety. If you have never attended, I highly recommend going, as it is an experience like no other.

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