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Public Opinion Sought On Redistricting, Both Locally And Statewide

Public Opinion Sought On Redistricting, Both Locally And Statewide

7 years ago

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)—The California Citizens Redistricting Commission is asking the public to participate in the next steps in drawing final Congressional, Legislative and Board of Equalization Districts. The meetings will be streamed live online and the public will be able to access visualizations on the proposed districts that the Commission will be discussing. To view the visualizations, please go to their website at www.wedrawthelines.ca.gov . The public is encouraged to view the visualizations and send comments to the Commissioners at votersfirstact@crc.ca.gov. The Commission is scheduled to release final district maps on July 28 and will vote on adopting those maps on August 15.

On a local note, Supervisors for the 1st District are redrawing their 5 districts to reflect the new census figures from 2010. The 1st District exceeds the population guides by over 55,000. Superviser Mitzelfelt is pushing to keep Victor Valley in the same district, with some cities now in the district moved out. A meeting this Wednesday, July 20, is scheduled to hear residents comments. The meeting at the county government center in San Bernardino may be viewed live at www.SBCounty.gov/bos . You may view the map drafts and participate in feedback at www.SBCounty.gov/redistrict or email to Redistricting20011@SBCounty.gov.

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