Gran Jaripeo Series Continues At Fairgrounds

Gran Jaripeo is held in partnership with the High Desert Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. All photos by Nolan Patrick Smith/High Desert Daily.

By Nolan Ptrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville) The San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville continued its 2011 Hispanic Rodeo and Concert Series on the last Sunday of August.

The series, also known as a Gran Jaripeo, had its second event in a seven event series. Amid the looming threat of a thunderstorm, the show went on without a hitch. For those that don’t know, as I didn’t, what exactly is a Gran Jaripeo?

“It’s a Hispanic style rodeo with live bands, special horses that do traditional dancing, followed with some bull riding,” explained Ken Alstott, CEO of the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds. Alstott told how the Gran Jaripeo is held in partnership with the High Desert Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, bringing more fun filled events to the High Desert.

The event featured a live band on stage, multiple vendors, and all in all, a wonderful atmosphere. The event emitted such a positive vibe, as everyone in attendance had one thing on their minds: a good time.

As the riders took to their horses, the dancing commenced, and it was a sight I had never seen. The horses stepped in a shuffle like manner, as the riders maneuvered the steeds. It was an impressive sight, and the crowd in attendance loved it as well.

The next Gran Jaripeo takes place on September 11th, and will continue on every other Sunday going all the way through November. Tickets are very reasonably priced, with $12 tickets for adults, $6 tickets for children and free parking for the events. For more information on the event and other events at the Fairgrounds, visit their website at, or call the fairgrounds (760) 951-2200.

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