High Desert Officials To Denounce Elimination Redevelopment On Friday

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Local elected officials from the High Desert region will gather Friday August 5th to announce their

support for the lawsuit filed by the League of California Cities and California Redevelopment Association in the

California Supreme Court seeking to overturn the unconstitutional attempt to eliminate redevelopment with the

passage of AB 1X 26 and 27.  Unless overturned by the Court, this legislation would devastate local job-creating

redevelopment projects throughout the region.

Expected to attended are Mayor Cari Thomas, Adelanto, Mayor Scott Nassif, Town of Apple Valley, Mayor Joe Gomez, Barstow, Mayor Mike Leonard, Hesperia, Mayor Ryan McEachron, Victorville.

In November 2010, voters passed Prop 22 by an overwhelming majority. The measure stopped State raids of local redevelopment funds. Despite this clear voter mandate, legislators passed and the Governor signed AB 1X 26 and 27 in blatant violation of Prop. 22 and the will of the voters.  AB 1x 26 would abolish redevelopment agencies and AB 1x 27 would allow agencies to exist in some limited capacity only if they agreed to pay a “ransom” payment of $1.7 billion statewide in the first year and $400 million statewide each year thereafter.  The League of California Cities and the California Redevelopment Association have filed a lawsuit to overturn the unconstitutional redevelopment elimination bills.

Unless overturned, AB 1X 26 and 27 will result in the elimination of many redevelopment agencies and/or forced “ransom” payments by local agencies to fund State obligations to schools. The result will be the elimination of many critical local job-creating revitalization projects throughout the High Desert Region.

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