Lena Quinonez Selected As Employee Of The Quarter

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)–The Town of Apple Valley has announced Recreation Supervisor Lena Quinonez as employee of the quarter. Quinonez, who has worked for the town for nearly six years, was honored at the August 9 council meeting.

As a member of the Park and Recreation Department, Lena has been responsible for the youth day camp and After School Activities Program coordination, which involves overseeing a staff of about 30 people with varying schedules.

Most recently, Quinonez assumed responsibility of the Healthy Apple Valley program.

“Lena took the reins of the Healthy Apple Valley program a little over a year ago,” Explained Ralph Wright, Parks and Recreation Manager. “She has grown what was a coalition of people with some ideas on paper into one of the most outstanding programs associated with the Town.”

The program offers ongoing activities to improve the health and wellness of the Apple Valley community. It has thrived under her stewardship, expanding to offer wildly popular three-week healthy cooking classes, fitness classes, family activity night at Civic Center Park, community bike rides, a weekly walking club and much more.

“This program is thought of in such a high regard because of Lena’s attention to detail, the pride she shows and her ability to instill the same pride in her staff,” said Wright. “The staff that Lena directs is exceptional because she has such high expectations from her staff and they respond accordingly. These programs always receive the highest ratings often noting the staff’s compassion and work ethic.”

One of the keys to her success is that she gets out from behind the desk and interacts with the people she serves. It is not uncommon for her to go out to the Family Activity Night at Civic Center Park and play field games with the families.

“What I like most about my job is that I get to help others, meet new people and be creative,” said Quinonez. “I love children and being able to work with them each day makes me really happy.”

For more information about Healthy Apple Valley, youth or recreational program, contact the Town of Apple Valley Park and Recreation Department at (760) 240-7880 or visit www.AVRecreation.org.

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