Local Business Profile: AAA Commercial Cleaning

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Name of Business: AAA Commercial Cleaning Corp.

Type of Business: Commercial cleaning, janitorial maintenance, janitorial supply

Website:  www.aaacommercial.net

Owner/Operator: Don Parkman

Phone: (760) 488-1409

Date Established: 2006, inc. 2009

22 local employees

By Amy Bergman
High Desert Daily

(Hesperia)–When retirement was wearing thin on Don Parkman, he decided to start a small, local, part-time business. In 2006 AAA Commercial Cleaning was born in Hesperia in the form of one employee and a truck bed of cleaning supplies. His clients came steady and fast, part-time no longer an option, after just 11 months AAA had hired 5 local employees. In 2009 he incorporated and business continued to boom.
When I interviewed Don for this profile, he approximated that his 22 employees clean over 700,000 sq. ft. of commercial space. His clients range from the small 500 sq. ft. single office or retail space to large 200,000 sq. ft. county buildings. He primarily services the cities of the High Desert, however some clients have multiple locations throughout the Inland Empire that he provides services for as well.
When I asked Don what sets AAA Commercial Cleaning apart from his competitors he stated that based on feedback received from his clients, it is his robust insurance and strong referrals. AAA Commercial gets nearly 90% of his new business from referrals from his current clients. That strong referral program speaks volumes about his service. AAA Commercial holds liability at $2 million, plus other policies including a theft bond. Each client’s business, belongings and all AAA Commercial employees can feel secure with these policies.

AAA Commercial supports local business too. Don purchases his janitorial supplies at Mesquite Janitorial in Hesperia (he also uses 92% green cleaning products and will be 100% be the end of the year). His company uniform shirts are printed in Hesperia at Joe Blackmoor’s shop. His promotional and sponsorship giveaway products are purchased at C-Me Promotions in Hesperia. He is an active member of the local Chamber of Commerce. And the newest local venture is coming your way this summer; AAA will co-sponsor a race car that will compete at the Victorville Speedway. The racecar will be co-sponsored by Furniture Warehouse in Hesperia.

Finally, AAA Commercial is a local sponsor of several charitable organizations such as the Fox-Coates Masonic Lodge, Apple Valley Shrine Club, San Bernardino Scottish Rite, High Desert Rotary Club as well as several churches where his support helps missionaries overseas.

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