Local Business Profile: Referral Exchange Network (REN)

REN Local in the High Desert meets twice a month, with the cost per month currently at $30.

By Nolan Smith

High Desert Daily


Location: 10737 Laurel Street

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Website: www.renlocal.com

Owner/Operator: Vince Perez

Phone: 909-264-1448

Date Established: 2008

Number of local employees: Volunteer based

(Victor Valley)–Every business thrives on networking. Visiting the various chamber of commerce meetings, that is always one of the main ideas on everyone’s minds. Networking is how businesses grow, and how communities prosper. Chamber meetings are one way, but there are many ways to network in the High Desert, and Referral Exchange Network (REN) Local is one of the brightest.

REN Local has set up a High Desert branch that meets twice a month. Much like a chamber meeting, local businesses, both large and small, gather to network and exchange referrals in an inviting setting. Owner Vince Perez laid out exactly what REN’s purpose is via an Internet interview.

RENLocal.com is our Online Business Directory connecting business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals together to exchange ideas, information, and opportunities in your local area. RENLocal is a great way to connect with local customers in the High Desert. We created the RENLocal system that provides you with the education and business tools to be successful.”

The focus on the various educational tools that REN Local offers knowledge in relationship marketing that utilizes various forms of social media, as well as video and business development tools.  Social media REN utilizes includes the ever popular Facebook, as just about every company has or needs to have a presence on the social networking giant.

“Its vital for small to mid size companies to get recognized and branded through there community to generate business and new customers.”

REN Local in the High Desert meets twice a month, with the cost per month currently at $30. For more information on REN Local, visit them online at www.renlocal.com.

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