Prayer, Common Interests, Loyalty Keep Childhood Friends Connected.

By Linda Hanson

As appeared in

(Victor Valley)–Janis McCracken and I look like total opposites. I’m tall and (formerly) brunette. She’s a petite blonde. But ever since we met in fourth grade in Parkersburg, West Virginia, we’ve bonded over a love of dance, tennis and rock and roll. In junior high and high school we had laugh-all-night slumber parties, played cards and spent summer days at the pool.

The years took us in different directions. I moved to Florida, Janis to New Jersey, yet we didn’t let the miles get between us. I’ll never forget one card she sent: “I’ve made a commitment to Christ. He’s changed my life.” I was overjoyed. I too had met the Lord. From then on praying for each other was another way we bonded.

Janis is always there for me. Last winter my husband fell ill and she flew down to cheer us up without a second thought. And when I had no idea how to decorate our new home? “I’m on my way!” Janis said. She had our place looking magazine ready in a week.

Every September Janis and I have a Girlfriends Reunion with four other gals from our high school at her Jersey Shore home. We have a ball swimming, playing cards and listening to rock and roll. Longtime friends are the best friends. And the best blessings.


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