Actors And Actresses – Be a Part Of Calico Ghost Haunt This Halloween Season

Photos By Doug Carlson.

Nikki Garrett Metzger

(Victor Valley)–Yermo – It is almost time for the annual Calico Ghost Haunt, a traditional and local favorite for a good scare during the Halloween season.

This year they are ramping up the experience with an interactive Victorian Vampire Festival. Noele Wayne, Event Coordinator, explained, “We’re going to have two interactive encampments – one is going to be called the vampire encampment and one’s going to be called Gypsy Alley. This is for a game ‘Vampires vs. Gypsies’.”

Noele and her staff will be holding an open casting call later this month.  They are looking for actors and actresses 18 and older, high school and college dramatic art students preferred. “We are looking for aspiring actors to come out to participate and build their resume, and also work with the community,” said Wayne.

These are volunteer positions. Some of the openings are for the two haunted mazes: Maggie’s Mine of Lost Souls and Vampire Hall. Shifts run 4-6 hours for “non-scare” which is more family friendly and would take place earlier in the haunt. Then “scare” positions would be for the teenagers, young adults, and less faint of heart running later in the haunt.

“These are volunteer positions that we’re casting for; however there are perks like free passes to get in to Calico and gift cards upon completion of the shift. We’ll have gift cards from everywhere like Starbucks, Wal-Mart, etc. We’ll also provide snacks and drinks,” added Wayne.

They are also looking to populate the vampire and gypsy encampments for the interactive game. “We do have a handful of paid positions, but the majority are volunteer positions. Basically the actors will be playing out the storyline, either portraying a vampire or a gypsy, depending on which clan they are interested in being a part of,” said Wayne. “Their main job is to help create the overall experience so that when visitors come they can get involved in the game component.”

“It will be fun to see who we have in the community that is willing to come out to hone their skills and see what they’ve got. Even if they want to come out for fun and participate, we have days available with various shifts,” said Wayne. “If the actors and actresses are really serious about their art this is a great platform – we get 8,000-9,000 people over the two Haunt weekends. “

Calico Ghost Haunt runs the last two weekends in October: Friday the 21st through Sunday the 23rd, and then again Friday, October 28th through Sunday, October 30th.

Call Noele Wayne at 760-684-0849 to sign up for the casting call.

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