College Classes Fill with Full-time Students

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–The trend for enrollments in credit courses at Victor Valley College indicates that more students are enrolling in multiple courses this year than last.  Full-time Equivalent Student (FTES) figures are up by 13 percent, whereas, the total head count has decreased.

As with most reports, this is a snapshot in time because final figures will not be available until later this month, however, some interpretation is possible because of indicators resulting from these early numbers.

According to the research department, Fall 2010 cumulative resident FTES was 3,480.3 as compared to Fall 2011 figures that are currently calculated at 3,927.7 or a 12.9 % increase.  The 2011 figures will increase slightly as registration is ongoing.

Current figures further indicate that headcount has decreased from 13,652 to 11,209.  It is also noted in this report that section count has been reduced from 1,204 in fall 2010 to 1,118 for fall 2011.  This planned reduction in sections is due in part to the reduction in funding from the state and the ongoing economic malaise in the State of California.   Additionally, the college is currently only 5% away from the fill rate recorded for last Fall or 91% vs. 96%. This means that although sections have been cut, there is still room for growth within the sections.

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