Facebook Hits A Wall With New “Improvements”

By Nolan Patrick Smith

(Victorville)- The social media giant Facebook heard an outcry across the globe this week, due to the recent “improvements” to the site that has many asking “why?”

The leading social media site of choice, it boasts more than 800 million active users across the world, with 350 million accessing Facebook on their mobile device according to Facebook. Many of those users were outraged when they saw the newest changes that affect both the website and mobile applications. Changes include the recommended Top Stories and the Ticker, which shows when friends respond to posts, add friends, “like” pages and more. This is only the tip of the iceberg, as the radical new design is set to go live on September 29th, and with it will come new features like timeline, which is like a virtual year-labeled scrapbook.

Even with the changes seen so far, like the Top Stories and Ticker, users are outraged. In surveying the High Desert to the get the community’s feedback on this issue, we found some surprising responses, and some that were just downright angry.

Victorville resident Kai-Niambi D’Espyne voiced her opinions to High Desert Daily: “I hate it! It’s seriously making me not want to be on nearly as much as I was before! I hate the little update thing above the “who’s online” list. I don’t like that the status update box isn’t automatically up on the main page, and I hate that others can see what I’m doing.” D’Espyne’s anger was shared among most of the residents we surveyed, among them being Apple Valley’s Gary Mackenzie, who simply replied “hate it.”

Not all the residents we surveyed felt the same way, as some seemed willing to give it a chance. Apple Valley resident Lillian Drevdahl was one of the calmer people, having this to say about the most recent changes: “ It’s a little confusing. I liked it the way it was before. You have to click to see new streaming instead of it streaming automatically. Other than that it’s not a big deal.” Much like Adelanto resident Luis Lopez, who commented “’I’ve seen how people get bent out of shape for every change the site makes to attempt to make it ‘easier’ In the end it’s a networking site, get over it, get used to it, or don’t use it.”

Apple Valley’s Jeremy Parsee also echoed similar thoughts: “Well some of the new things they have are pretty good. Naturally, they should have left it like it was.”

The changes have put off many users who have posted remarks of going to the relatively new social media site, Google+. Google+ just opened to the public this week, as it has been in an invitational beta testing mode since summer. Forbes.com has reported that there was a spike in new users at Google+ over the last few days, with Facebook’s changes possibly playing a part in that.

Social media sites are constantly evolving, and it looks like it is that time once again. Remember, at one time, everyone had a MySpace page, now it’s an electronic relic. It will be interesting to see what the coming weeks hold for both Facebook and Google+. 

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