Graphic Novel Review: The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury: Time Runs Out

Written/Created by Brandon Thomas

Artwork/Created by Lee Ferguson

Publisher: Archaia Entertainment, LLC


By Nolan Patrick Smith

(Victor Valley)–Comic books can be about anything; from brightly costumed super heroes battling it out with a cosmic threat, to detectives following a lead to track down their suspect, the medium can be used to tell any type of story, as long as the creators know how to utilize the aspect of sequential art in a way that draws in readers. Brandon Thomas and Lee Ferguson show they know how to tell an outstanding story: enter the world of Miranda Mercury.

Design: The overall look and design of the book is very important. While the book sits online or on a bookshelf, it has to be able to grab a potential reader and say “READ ME!” The book is a nicely polished hardcover with a vibrant dust jacket. The feel of the pages, as well as the stock of the cover are superb, easily worth the money one would spend on it.

Story: Miranda Mercury is greatest adventurer who ever lived. That’s a load bearing statement that many would not hesitate to shoot down. Yet, after reading the book, you get the sense that yeah, this is how a great adventurer would act. From a long line of heroes, Miranda is the latest to face the impossible. The book follows the adventures of the heroine and her sidekick Jack as they look for artifacts, save planets and go against time raiders, all while Miranda knows her end is coming soon. Poisoned by her arch nemesis, she has a year to live, and is content on using that year to help as many people as she can.

Writer Brandon Thomas captures the voices of this world perfectly, using the graphic novel format in some of the most innovative ways I have ever seen: from uniquely done flashbacks of Miranda’s grandfather, to the intentional upside down and blank panels from the time raiders, Thomas shows he knows this world, and he knows how to portray it.

Art: Lee Ferguson’s art is outstanding. Vibrant, animated and full of energy, the art style used is exactly what is needed to match the high-speed intensity of the plot. Ferguson uses various techniques to push the limits known of comic books, like the aforementioned time raiders chapter, with upside down pages and missing words and lines to help convey a world going askew.

Overall: The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury is full of action, adventure and so much more. Fans of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider will definitely want to read this, but I think anyone looking for a great story should do themselves a favor and check this out. Highly recommended, I give The Many Adventure of Miranda Mercury a ***** out of 5.

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