Moses House Ministries Fall Fundraiser “Little House on the Trailer” Returns

By Nolan Patrick Smith


High Desert Daily

(Victorville)—As the seasons start to change and the holidays draw closer, something else has returned to the High Desert. Moses House Ministries has launched its Playhouse Fundraiser once again, and it is a sight to see.

Currently stationed in front of the Victorville Wal-Mart store, the playhouse will be on display there until September 5th, in which it will start to travel to various locations in the High Desert. In a press release, Moses House Ministries gave more details on the “Little House on the Trailer”.  Measuring 350 sq. ft., the playhouse comes stocked with fully functional kid size appliances, cabinetry, and, of course, furniture. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as the house is all-electric, has running water and a ceiling that even adults can fit under.

“This is the most exciting fundraiser we do,” said Dennis Morris, Co-Founder of Moses House Ministries. “Looking at a photo, it’s really hard to fully appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to the smallest details put into the playhouse. You have to see it for yourself, watch the children’s faces, and the public reaction. It’s wonderful.”

After seeing the playhouse up close and in person, this reporter agrees that pictures truly do not do this playhouse justice. This house is something any child would be thrilled to have, as it comes wired for satellite and with a flat screen TV, graciously donated by Wal-Mart.

Moses House Ministries has been a beacon of hope for the High Desert community for fifteen years. A resource center for single mothers, Moses House knows the importance of partnerships, as that is how our community grows stronger. Services offered include individualized case management, parenting and life skills training, and volunteer opportunities among much, much more.

The raffle for the playhouse will be held on December 18th, just in time for the holiday season. Tickets are $2 each, or 3 for $5, 7 for $10, or 20 tickets or more at $1 a ticket. For more information on the raffle, as well as to stay updated on where the playhouse will be on display next, you can visit Moses House Ministries at, or you can call them directly at (760) 955-1895.

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