Reminder To Residents: Stay Snake Safe In Hesperia

By Staff Reports

(Hesperia) – While most snake sightings occur in the springtime when the weather is beginning to warm, Hesperia residents have been reporting more snake encounters than is typical for this time of year. The City of Hesperia would like to remind residents to follow a few simple safety measures to avoid agitating one of these slithery serpents.

  • Look for snakes before moving trash cans, plywood, stacked firewood, weeds, hay or animal feed;
  • Be alert when walking in grass barefoot because it is a perfect place for snakes to cool themselves;
  • Be alert when walking or playing in empty fields; and
  • Teach children to respect snakes and to leave them alone.

“Sometimes we forget that despite the development that has happened over the last decade, many wild animals, including rattlesnakes, still call Hesperia home,” said Mike Podegracz, City Manager. “It is important to always be watchful when moving items around your yard like firewood, plywood or even animal food.”

If you do see a snake you should leave it alone, if it is in your house please contact the Hesperia Animal Control at (760) 947-1700 and keep an eye on it until an Animal Control Officer arrives.

For more tips on snake safety please visit the City of Hesperia website at

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  1. September 30, 2011 at 6:58 am

    Thanks for the tips. We are in their domain but all the same I want nothing to do with snakes. We have seen one Mojave Green this year on our cycling ventures. I’m diggin the website Michael.

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