Rothschild: “Our Freedom is Precious, We Must Fight to Keep It.”

Mike Rothschild believes freedom is a precious gift we must fight to keep. Photo By Ashka Patel/High Desert Daily.

By Ashka Patel

High Desert Daily Reporter

(Victorville)–Sept 11, 2001 was a tragic event for the entire nation. On the anniversary of this event, the one question that we ask others and others ask us is. Where were you on the morning Of September 11, 2001? The same question was asked to Victorville City Councilman Mike Rothschild during an interview at City Hall.

He stated he was “teaching in his classroom when he witnessed the events unfold on live television.” When his wife called him he told her that it was a set of ideas that were attacked. Being a math teacher several students asked him questions and he taught his students the civic aspects on the topic, even though he was a math teacher.

He felt that there was a need to thoroughly explain the issues to his students.  Mr. Rothschild has personally seen Ground Zero and one of his favorite pins has the American Flag with the Twin Towers on it. Mike stated, ” That seeing ground zero to just an empty hole was very tragic for him.”

According to Mike Rothschild, “The lesson we learned from September 11 is that Freedom is not free, and must always be defended.  When asked are we winning? His answer was, “We are winning because we can change and to adapt to evil.”

Another important question That Mr. Rothschild thought would have a good input on being a retired school teacher was, what is the one thing that you would emphasize to put in history books on the September 11 attacks? He replied, “Free society will always be vulnerable to attack. We must preserve as much personal freedom as we can and have done for over 200 years or American history.”

When asked if he thought our country is safe from attacks such as these in the near future? Mr. Rothschild said, “The near future, there never will be a safe moment from attacks.” Another very important question was about the future of our country and security .Do you think these attacks could have been prevented? Mike replied,” I do not see anyway this attack could have been prevented.”

On the anniversary of September 11 Rothschild wishes our local community and the entire nation “Liberty, Peace and Freedom in the future.”September 11 is a very important day for all of us as Americans. It’s a day that has changed our lives; however we must learn to remember that there are many things in life that may be negative but can turn out to be positive. Since this tragic event American Citizens are now more alert. Mr. Rothschild being a retired Navy Veteran Pilot of the Vietnam also stated,” We must remember to realize the importance of our troops who defend our freedom every day, so that we can sleep peacefully in our homes.”

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