Today’s Woman: A Success For Our Community

Dr Susan Love signing her book

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All photos and story by Joan Rudder-Ward

High Desert Daily Staff Writer

(Victorville)–The 11th annual expo of the Today’s Woman Foundation, held Saturday at  the San Bernardino Fairgrounds, was bustling with activity as vendors  with products and services catering to women, connected with women of all ages at this health and wellness venue.

A variety of free health screenings, mammograms, and flu shots were offered and many women took advantage of them.

Students in the medical assisting program of Four-D College administered free blood pressure checks, as well as glucose and cholesterol screenings. Additionally, the students of Four -D’s massage therapy
program gave complimentary 15-minute chair massages.

“We enjoy taking part in events like these,” explained medical assisting instructor Mark Echeverria. “This is a great way for our students to get out of the classroom and into the community to provide service to the

Women were there with their daughters, grand-daughters and friends.

It was a first time visit for Victorville resident Catherine, there with a friend, who said she loves events like these. She took advantage of the hair styling specials offered on the spot by Athena Day Spa and
Salon. She was all smiles as she showed off the new hair cut given to her by stylist, Jenn.

Myrna Javier, who works at Choice Medical Group, had grand-daughters Jaede, 12 and Tatiana, 14 there as volunteers for the event. “I want them to be involved with giving to the community and this is a
good place for them to do that” she said.

Dawn Mitchhart was there with daughter Katherine and grand-daughter, Taylor. Dawn has closely followed the research conducted by keynote speaker Dr. Susan Love and was there mainly to hear her speak.
“I’m so impressed with her ground-breaking research that I wanted to hear her in person.” she said. “I took a vacation day from work to make sure I could be here.”

Keynote speaker Dr. Susan Love, who oversees an active research program centered on breast cancer cause and prevention, gave information that was both illuminating and impacting. She explained how cancer cells aren’t something that just ’invade’ a body.–they are cells present in a ’community’ of other types of cells–and how that ‘community’ either aides or suppresses the cancer cells.

Love also highlighted that there are three main factors that can help in keeping potential cancer cells
inactive: exercise, weight control, and stress management. She has pioneered a program that women of all ages and ethnicities can participate in, to partner with the scientists who are conducting the research to find a way to end breast cancer once and for all. Her goal is to get 1 million women to participate in this ‘revolutionary opportunity’ to prevent breast cancer. More information about that can be found at

Dr. Love’s presentation was followed by a book-signing for purchasers of her book Dr. Susan Love’s Breast book. Her book, termed ’the bible for women with breast cancer’ by the New York Times, is in it’s completely revised fifth edition, and is available through booksellers online.

The Today’s Woman Foundation, supported by Choice Medical Group is committed to empower Today’s Woman through delivery of resources to enhance body, mind and spirit.

More information about the organization can be found at

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  1. Mike Rothschld
    October 17, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Easy to understand and now we know there are 6 types of canser.

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