Cash-for-Grass Funding Available Once Again

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–Now that $2 million dollars in the Proposition 84 grant has been approved by the State of California Department of Water Resources-more than doubling last year’s program funding availability-up to 4 million square feet of turf through the “Cash-for-Grass” Program can be removed during the next two years.

Customers who missed out on last year’s limited funding can now participate in the High Desert’s popular water conservation program that is saving thousands of home and business owners hundreds of dollars per year on their water bills. Every square foot of turf removed and replaced with desert plants saves 55-80 gallons of water per year. This means a small patch of grass could easily require as much water as your family does in a year!

Rebates for residential customers are available for fifty-cents ($.50) per square foot of turf removed and replanted with 25% of the area in desert or drought tolerant plants. Beginning November 1, customers can submit a program application to their local water provider to begin their landscape conversion, and can take up to six months to complete the project and receive a rebate check up to $3,000.

For more information on the Water Conservation Incentive Program-and the Cash-for-Grass component, contact Tamara Alaniz, Water Conservation Program Manager at (760) 946-7038 or by email at or visit

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