Editor’s Open Letter: Victorville And The Entire High Desert Represent Opportunity

By Miguel Gonzalez


(Victorville)—A recent story published in the LA Times described Victorville as “an isolated desert outpost.”

I could not believe my eyes when I read this story which also quoted a local merchant, Carmen Garcia, the owner of Aries Beauty Salon, describing Victorville as a city where “There’s no people or nothing here.”

No people, huh? Last time I checked Victorville has a population of over 100,000 people and the Victor Valley is close to reaching about half a million residents.

After reading this I was curious to find out what other residents and leaders thought, so I began making phone calls and spoke to politicians and local business leaders who have also condemned the piece. “Nobody called me to ask my opinion about our current situation,” Victorville Mayor Ryan McEachron told me. “Had I been given a chance to comment, I could have pointed out to the reporter that Victorville just created 400 jobs with the recent move of a local furniture manufacturer.”

Sad state of affairs we live in, when the main stream media does not afford a city a chance to comment on a story that can signify the loss of millions of dollars to a region full of people who mean well.

While Highdesertdaily.com is only a small publication, we decided we could not standby and let this “story” become the last word. While discussing the idea with our wonderful staff, we came up with a plan to share a series of articles this week we would call “Everyone wants to come to Victorville.”

Where did we come up with the title? We came up with it after reading The Times article, in which they quoted Gerd-Ulf Krueger, principal economist of HousingEcon.com who told the times that “Nobody wants to go to Victorville.”

We disagree and we intend to prove with facts, and not opinions by a few malcontents, that people indeed want to come and do business in Victorville and the High Desert.

Mayor McEachron also told me Victorville intends to reach out to The Times and invite them to the city so they can see for themselves the many positive things being done at the local level.

I truly hope the newspaper corrects this mistake on Victorville and changes the opinion of many, who thought this piece was done with carelessness and laziness in a best case situation.

Just their opinion folks.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for our series where we will show the many great things happening locally.

If you have a suggestion for a story that you think should be featured in our series, please send us an e-mail to media@highdesertdaily.com

Today more than ever it is very important that we stay positive.

Miguel Gonzalez

3 comments for “Editor’s Open Letter: Victorville And The Entire High Desert Represent Opportunity

  1. Mike Rothschild
    October 25, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Well stated Miguel. Just read what so many others have written here.

  2. October 25, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Miguel, thank you so much for this article and the work the High Desert Daily is doing to show how much positive activity is happening here! I could not believe my eyes either, and was disappointed that such a knee-jerk negative reaction and limited representation would be the only way they chose to depict our community. As long as this is the story we keep telling ourselves, and letting other people tell us, then that is all we as a community can expect to be. I hope you continue to make headway!

  3. Pat Bridges
    October 25, 2011 at 11:17 am

    You go, Miguel! And you are right! Just reading about the Green Tree Inn hosting the Route 66 event next year is saying something positive for Victorville. And the growth, especially in retail stores and shopping centers alone, speaks of at least a desire to serve the apparently non-existent people of Victorville.

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