Free Healthy Eating Active Living Workshop in Apple Valley

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley) – Healthy living should be part of everyone’s lifestyle. Sometimes we may not know exactly how to accomplish that.  Of course there is the “eat less, move more” philosophy, but with so much diet and exercise advice out there, it would be nice to have someone sit down with you and help you navigate the waters.

A series of workshops presented by St Mary Medical Center, the Town of Apple Valley and the High Desert Obesity Taskforce will give you the tools for healthy living. Led by a registered dietitian, you can learn healthier living through grocery shopping, balanced eating and fun exercise.

Sessions cover the following topics:

  • Disease Prevention and Healthy Weight Loss
  • Family Physical Activity
  • Label Reading and Grocery Shopping

“The program came about when the Town of Apple Valley received a Healthy Communities grant from the County of San Bernardino. We teamed up with St. Mary hospital to continue to educate and offer some preventative care solutions,” said Lena Quinonez with the Town of Apple Valley. “Teaching people how to eat right, how to shop, and how to live actively we feel is a preventative measure.”

The workshop this evening will be on label reading and grocery shopping, and how to use the label. Next week’s workshop will cover family physical activity, disease prevention and the importance of a healthy body weight

All workshops are held at the Apple Valley Conference Center, located at 14975 Dale Evans Pkwy, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. Free babysitting will be provided.

Pre-registration is required. Call (760) 240-7880 to get signed up for the Healthy Living Workshop Series.

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