Paul Cook Announces Run For 3rd District Supervisor Seat

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

(Victor Valley)-– With the re-districting plan set to take effect, the 3rd District County Supervisor’s race has new interest for residents of Barstow, Lucerne Valley, Morongo Valley and surrounding areas.  Incumbent Neil Derry is running for re-election, and James Ramos, chairman of the San Manuel tribe, announced his candidacy in May.

Now California’s 65th District assemblyman Paul Cook has announced his candidacy for 3rd District Supervisor of San Bernardino County. “I waited to announce my run until the new district lines were approved, which happened just last Friday,” said Cook.

Cook served 26 years in the Marine Corps, ending his military career as an infantry officer stationed at the Twentynine Palms Marine Base. His military decorations include a Bronze Star for combat bravery and two Purple Hearts while serving in Vietnam.

He served as a mayor and council member for 8 years and served as an instructor at Copper Mountain College, teaching history and political science. He was elected to the Assembly in 2006.

“The redrawn 3rd District covers an area that I know pretty well because I was in the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) for 8 years. So the transportation issues and local government issues are something that I am very familiar with,” explained Cook. “There are a lot of military veterans in the district, and that’s my background, so hopefully I can help them out.”

In his two terms in the state Assembly Cook says his record has been anti-corruption, anti-tax, pro-public-safety. He chairs the Veterans’ Affairs Committee in the Assembly. “We carry a lot of veterans’ legislation. It’s something I’m passionate about,” said Cook. “I’m also passionate about small businesses and cutting through the red tape.”

In the last couple of years, Cook has authored successful legislation targeting sexual predators and modernizing the system for locating missing children.

“I’m not a career politician,” said Cook. “I hope to change the image of the County. I think the County’s really had a bad history over the last decade in terms of corruption. People deserve a county supervisor who isn’t tied to scandal and someone who will be an independent voice.”

“Our county needs leadership that’s focused on jobs and economic development.”

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