Phone Scam Alert: There Is A Warrant For Your Arrest

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

(Victor Valley) – The Victorville Police are alerting the public to a local phone scam that’s starting to go around. Deputies of the Victorville Police Station have received calls from residents over the past two weeks with concerns over this latest scam.

While some of the details vary from victim to victim, the general scam is the same.  The caller identifies themselves as a member of law enforcement that has a warrant for the arrest of the victim, according to a press release.  There is reportedly a delinquent credit account in the victim’s name that instead of going to collections is now being handled by law enforcement.  More specifically, a warrant for the victim has been issued according to the caller.  The victim is instructed to go to a local store where a money order or pre-paid credit card can be purchased and then they are instructed to call a certain number back with the information related to the money order or card.  Often the phone number given is not a good number, but the suspect will call back in a short time to obtain the information.

The scammers would then call the victim back to obtain the information from the money order or pre-paid credit card to pass along to the creditor, but they now have the information and can use it to shop online or whatever, according to Victorville Police.

“What’s more disturbing is that the scam callers are using a phone application that allows the phone number to show up on the victim’s caller ID as a legitimate police phone number,” said Karen Hunt with the Victorville Police. “In one such case the victim hit redial and the phone rang through to the Victorville Police Station.”

“Thankfully the people that contacted us have been suspicious enough or concerned enough to call us to find out if it’s true,” added Hunt. “If you had a past due debt it would go to collections. You wouldn’t get a law enforcement warrant for your arrest for a financial matter like that.”

If you have any questions or receive a suspicious call from someone identifying themselves as law enforcement with a warrant for your arrest, you can contact the police department to check that there is not a warrant for you in their system.

“We haven’t had anyone that has lost money to this scam.  We just want to make sure that no one becomes a victim of it,” said Hunt.

You can reach the Victorville Police Station at 760-241-2911.

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