Business Leaders Offer Advice To Victorville City Council

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

Managing Editor
(Victorville)- – Several business leaders attended last night’s Victorville City council meeting last night to show support for and offer some advice to the council members.

David Greiner of Grenier Buick circulated the idea among business leaders. He explained that when his business was going through tough economic times beginning in 2008 he asked friends of his and other business owners how they dealt with tough times. At the meeting he shared his story with the council.

Before his speech Greiner talked about his plan, “I’m going to tell them what we did when the Great Recession came, what we did to motivate people to make the organization better. City council members are only the board of directors for their CEO the City Manager. What could they do to motivate their staff to go above and beyond? Maybe my example can help them to do that.”

Greiner said about 25 local business leaders came to the meeting to show their support.

During his speech Greiner outlined three competitive advantages that he believes the city has. “You have an extraordinarily talented staff, City Manager and Assistant City Manager at your disposal. I believe you have massive potential in your ability to draw aviation and manufacturing jobs to SCLA. It’s fully leased and the demand for space is furious. This is a competitive advantage.”

Greiner continued, “I believe you have inexpensive land and less restrictive environmental regulations. Nowhere in California can projects target such a competitive cost advantage these days. I believe this is a competitive advantage.”

Greiner concluded, “If you are laser focused you can block out the noise and hone in on the City’s one path to prosperity. You have the resources. Use your talents to motivate, appreciate, and build with brilliance. You can do it. The 65 families in our small business are counting on you.”

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