McEachron Set For Congress Run

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)– Victorville Mayor Ryan McEachron is moving forward with a run for Congress in 2012.

McEachron will be running for the newly created 8th Congressional District, which represents the High Desert. In the past, the Victorville Mayor has maintained that he would only run if Congressman Lewis would not, and he still maintains that sentiment today.

In an interview with High Desert Daily Friday afternoon, McEachron made clear that if Congressman Lewis were to run, that he would step back and support Lewis fully.

“I’m at the point where I don’t know when he is going to make a decision. Obviously there are a lot of people in this race that are running regardless. I need to move forward, but if for whatever reason he chooses to run in the 8th, I would not only stand down but I would support him. There are all kinds of reasons for me to believe he won’t run in the 8th, so I am moving forward.”

When asked why he feels he is best to represent this newly formed district, McEachron stated, “Clear and simple, I have a track record of being able to accomplish things and work with others to get things done. That is clearly the one thing that distinguishes me from my opponents. I have worked with other elected officials to get things done, like the Nisqualli/La Mesa interchange.”

When it comes to issues, there are plenty to go around. Yet, the one that McEachron holds in the highest regard is one that we are all keeping an eye on. “To accomplish what is needed for this country, and that is to create jobs.  That is my number one priority; creating jobs, which is another area where I have proven that I can work with others to create jobs like we have here in Victorville.”

McEachron said  he has already started to secure endorsements from elected officials throughout the district.

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