Victorville Chamber Defends The Area In Letter To LA Times Editor

Chamber President Robert Lovingood leads the fight to make sure the Victor Valley is being presented in an accurate light.

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

Letter From Robert Lovingood To LA Times

La Times Rebuttal Letter

(Victorville) – The Victorville Chamber of Commerce sent a letter defending Victorville in response to an article published in the LA Times recently that “disparaged Victorville as a dusty desert city that no one would want to live or work in,” the Chamber said in a press release.  The letter was addressed to the reporter that wrote the article and the business editor, John Corrigan.

Robert Lovingood, Chairman of the Board of the Victorville Chamber of Commerce, explained why the Chamber sent that letter, “I think somebody took a really unfair glimpse of our community. With our overall challenges, they probably went to some of the highest, unfortunately economically impacted areas, and tried to portray our whole community as this, and that’s completely unfair. I think we have a right to defend our members and our community.”

“Start with the fact that they talk about us being an isolated community. We have over 150,000 people pass through here each day, and 90,000 daily commuters that travel down the hill the four communities,” said Lovingood. “We’re not isolated. That description in itself is wrong. 35 minutes from here to Riverside is not isolated.”

The Chamber said in a press release that the LA Times business editor, John Corrigan, did request further specifics in pointing out the inaccuracies of the article and the Chamber sent a subsequent letter detailing them. You can read that letter here:

Lovingood was asked what he would show the reporter and business editor if they were to visit Victorville. “I’d show them the entire valley. I’d park at Oak Hills, tell them to look to the north – here’s Adelanto, here’s Victorville. Cause you can clearly see it. Here’s Apple Valley, here’s Hesperia. This makes up the Victor Valley. I’d show them the footprint of Southern California Logistics Center. I’d take them up above to the tower to see the future planning that is already becoming reality in creating that footprint.”

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