Victorville City Council, Attorney Cleared Of Brown Act Allegations

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

Managing Editor

(Victorville)– The City Council, their staff and the City Attorney received notice Monday from the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office that they were cleared of all complaints filed against them.  The letter stated that the DA’s office received multiple complaints and undertook an investigation of multiple allegations that the Victorville City Council violated the Brown Act.

The letter from the DA stated, “Because we find that none of the complaints are meritorious, we consider these matters closed.”

The letter detailed nine instances in which the city council, their staff and even the mayor were accused of violating the Brown Act. Also known as the “Open Meeting Law” the Brown Act guarantees the public’s right to attend and participate in meetings of local legislative bodies. The Brown Act is pivotal in making public officials accountable for their actions and in allowing the public to participate in the decision making process.

City Attorney Andre de Bortnowsky explained, “For over a year now the city has been accused of violating the Brown Act. We have continued to indicate that we do everything in accordance to the law and have been fully compliant. Unfortunately people are wasting a lot of taxpayer money on absolutely meritless claims.”

“All these accusations have gone unfounded and without merit,” said Victorville Mayor Ryan McEachron. “The City Attorney and his firm are doing their job and are very competent. Although I don’t think it’s the end to false accusations it’s definitely moving in the right direction. This basically squashes any kind of idea that we’ve been doing something wrong. This is very good news.”

Councilman Mike Rothschild stated, “The city of Victorville is a very well run city and a very honestly run city. It’s too bad that those types of complaints keep the DA’s office busy over nothing.”

“Its vindication that Victorville is doing things by the book,” said De Bortnowsky. “These are false, misleading allegations about the council violating the Brown Act. We never have, and I’ll continue to ensure that the council does not in the future.”

1 comment for “Victorville City Council, Attorney Cleared Of Brown Act Allegations

  1. Michael Gallagher
    December 1, 2011 at 9:34 am

    It is sad that any conspiracy theorist can imagine wrong doing and bring complaints that cost the city valuable resources which could be better spent on the people’s business. This was a total waste of time and resources.
    The Victorville City council and Mayor have one agenda. To do what is best for Victorville and its’ contribution to the High Desert.

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