Barstow Veterans Experience The Magic Of Christmas

Mayor Ryan McEachron, yellow tie, shares holiday cheer with local veterans. Photos courtesy Michael Orme.

By Nolan Patrick Smith

Staff Reporter

High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)–As the last few weeks have shown us, it is that the weather during the holiday season can be outright frigid in the High Desert. The American Cruisers Mojave River Chapter set out to help the veterans living at the Veterans Home of Barstow stay warm during the night with flannel pajamas. Wednesday, they got their wish with some exceptional community support.

“I have been working with Congress McKeon’s Representative Michael Orme as well as Scott Kubicek with the Wal-Mart Distribution Center, and we were able to get Wal-Mart to purchase flannel pajamas for all the residents down at the Barstow Veterans home,” Mayor of Victorville Ryan McEachron said regarding the amazing donation.

Wednesday morning, McEachron and Wal-Mart presented the astounding gift to the American Cruisers: a donation to give all 78 residents living at the Barstow facility new flannel pajamas.

This was made possible due to the perseverance of the Cruisers as well as the assistance of Mayor McEachron, Wal-Mart and Congressman Buck McKeon’s Representative Michael Orme.

Orme told High Desert Daily on how this all-wondrous donation came to be: “Two weeks ago I attended the Toys for Tots fundraiser at the Los Domingos in Barstow, whereI was introduced to John of American Cruisers. What they do is they raise funds for veteran’s homes. They mentioned that they were trying to raise funds to buy more flannel pajamas for all the residents there. So in turn, I passed the information on to Ryan, he passed it on to Wal-Mart and they made the donation.”

With this donation securing flannel pajamas for all veterans at the home, that helps the American Cruisers with supporting the veterans even more. Orme mentioned,

“Now the money the American Cruisers raised can go to other needs the veterans have at the veterans home.”

The American Cruisers MC is an International Association of Motorcycle Enthusiasts. They are non-territorial and are a family orientated charitable organization.

For more information on the local branch, the Mojave River branch, feel free to visit their website at

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