Frozen Christmas: A Tale Of Jack frost

By Al Morrissette

Special for High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)–Jack Frost has a twin brother Sonny Days, Sonny controls the hot summers, while Jack is better known to be the Prince of Winter.

Many years ago Sonny got jealous of Jack for always being the center of attraction and having stories written about hi and also a song. Jack did not encourage it but the chill of winter brings the bloom of spring and everyone realizes without winter there would be no other seasons.

During that particular fall when Sonny and Jack work with their sister Autumn changing the colors of leave and the transition of temperature. But Autumn and sister Spring made some comments how important Jack was and how Jack also kept Christmas night free from bad weather around the North Pole so that Santa could leave and land with ease.

This enraged Sonny to the point her invited his sisters and Jack to his home for Ice Tea. In the tea he put a sleeping potion he bought from Sandy, the Sandman, and the season fell asleep except for Sonny. Sonny then took Jacks magic bag and traded cloths so he could impersonate Jack. He acted just like him riding in parades, doing interviews and helping Santa with lists.

Everything seemed normal until Christmas Eve, when Sonny took to the skies and brought the worst winter storm to the world. He created ice bridges so slick that no one could cross; he blocked the moon with ice filled clouds so that no light was seen and then he went to the North Pole. At the North Pole he created the most severe ice storm ever recorded. He fulfilled his goal of creating an ice dome over the North Pole so thick that even Santa could not use his special powers to break.

And as time closed onto midnight, there was no hope, the cries of children were heard and the spirit of Christmas seemed at a standstill. But then the voices of the children began to echo around the world and parents could not comfort their children, so they too felt the pain. Sonny was very clear in making sure people would see him doing his dirty task and the parents, the children and even the trolls in the woods were blaming Jack Frost.

Then a call out for help was heard by Paul Bunyon, who was working the Canadian woods and Paul went to his friend, the great and mighty OZ to find out the news. Oz new everything going on in the world but like a news reporter he did not interfere. Oz told Paul of the trick Sonny had done and that he was focus on having Jack punished by stopping Christmas.

Paul would have nothing to do with that, he grabbed a large number of freshly sharpened axes and walked to the North Pole. With Sonny sitting upon the icy dome, Paul told him he know the truth and that Sonny will be known for his dirty deed. Sonny slide down the dome to challenge Paul Bunyon and with each mighty thrust of his ax, Paul would chip and crack the ice, but Sonny would just refill the effort with fresh ice and laugh out loud. During a laugh, Sonny leaned back and with his mouth fully open, Sandy flew past him and dropped sleeping potion down his throat. Sonny chocked, he gasped and rolled on the grown, but at last he fell asleep and left Paul alone.

Paul chopped and he chopped breaking the dome into a billion ice cubes and with some help from Father Time, Santa was able to bring Christmas to the world.

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