A Grandfather’s Christmas Eve Surprise

By Kathy Keeley Anderson

As appeared in Guideposts.org

Christmas Eve morning Catie went outside to admire the snow.

“You have to come see this!” she called in to me.

Catie pointed to the highest tree in the yard. “Look!”

From the topmost branch, a shiny green ribbon fluttered and waved at us as if it had fallen from the sky. Perhaps it was a stray piece Bapa was using in his Irish Christmas up above.

Bapa wouldn’t want us to be sad on Christmas. That’s what I kept telling my children after my father, their “Bapa,” died.

But this was our first Christmas without our Irish “da,” who loved any reason to celebrate—especially the holidays.

“Maybe we should do something to honor his memory,” I suggested to my daughter Catie. But what?

“Bapa was so proud of being Irish,” Catie said. “We could wrap a green ribbon around every present this year! He’d love making Christmas more Irish.”

We bought rolls of green ribbon and tied up every package under the tree. Green was definitely our color theme this year! And surely Bapa was smiling down on us from heaven.

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