Lewis Center eBriefing Pearl Harbor Remembrance From The Lewis Center

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–On the 70th anniversary of the unprotected attack on Pearl Harbor that took more than 2,300 American lives and brought the U.S into World War II, we remember the heroism of those who valiantly defended our freedom on that day and all the days of the conflict that spawned the Greatest Generation of Americans. George Santayana wrote,” Those Who Cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” We salute our Armed Forces for Keeping the flame of freedom burning bright, not just here in America, but through out the world. At the Lewis Center, we believe school should be a place where students gain the knowledge not only to remember the past, but to help keep America strong bot in times of war and peace.  More than a quarter of all our high school students are Air Forced ROTC cadets. We are especially proud that our own Col. George Armstrong is the national cadet commander of the year. We are thankful for these wonderful young people who are committed to upholding freedom, just as our those who came before us did on December 7 1941. Remember Pearl Harbor.

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