Merry Christmas: How Reindeer Became Santa’s Choice.

Editors note: Al Morrissette’s delightful story is sure to move hearts and capture the imaginations of children of all ages. Enjoy, this our Christmas gift to all of our faithful readers, thank you for making us your choice for postive community and business news. Merry Christmas from all of us.

Miguel Gonzalez

Editor & Founder.

By Al Morrissette

Special to High Desert Daily

Merry Christmas!

(North Pole)–One night an old elf was telling a story to young elves about “How reindeer became Santa’s choice to pull the sleigh.” This is what he said: When I was young, Santa use to have a team of St. Bernard’s to pull his sleigh. They were large and strong dogs that had a great sense of direction and could find the smallest and most remote homes anywhere. For many years the Bernard’s did a great job, but as more children were born, the load on the sleigh became too much for the dogs to pull.

Santa had to find another team to pull the sleigh, but he didn’t want the St. Bernard’s to feel useless, they had great ability to find places and were good with first aid around the ranch. So he established the first St. Bernard Rescue Team, which worked to find missing or stranded people in the mountains.

With that accomplished he now had to focus on finding a new team. First he tried bulls, but they were very heavy and even with extra magic dust, they just didn’t fly high enough. He tried geese, but they had a limited sense of direction and were only good for going south in the winter. He hitched a team of Pegasus to the sleigh, but their wings were too wide and it was hard for Santa to see where he was going. He tried a team of moose, but they were too lazy and didn’t like to leave the lodge.

Santa became concerned because Christmas was coming soon, he tried camels, penguins, snow owls, gophers, lamas and let’s not talk about the black sheep, let’s just say none worked out. Then he had an idea: unicorns! The unicorns were perfect. They were beautiful, strong, had a great sense of direction and their horns and tails would light up when they flew supersonic speeds. Many elves that observed Santa’s testing said that the unicorns would light up the sky. Santa tested the unicorns in every way and they pass the test 100%.

Santa had found his team, the news went worldwide and everyone rejoiced. The unicorns names became famous; Halley, Hale, Bopp, Hyakutake, Pereyra, Tewfik, Soho, Bessel and Houston. But on December 23 it happened… a letter came in the mail…it was from the United Nations. With all the elves and his trusting wife around him, Santa opens the letter and reads out loud, “Dear Santa, We must inform you that unicorns have been put on the “Endangered Species List” and we must inform you that if you continue to use unicorns for commercial purposes, you will be arrested.”

Oh no!!! cried out everyone, Oh no!! cried out the world. The cries quickly turned to tears and the cold air turned the tears into snowflakes that filled the sky. What can I do? Where can I find a team in so short notice? Why is this happening? exclaimed Santa and he humbly dropped to his knees. Some elves say he was praying, some say he was meditating and others think he was asleep, but after several hours in that position, Santa slowly raised his head to a familiar voice.

It was Carl, the leader of the St. Bernard Rescue Team, he spoke to Santa, “We heard of all your efforts to replace us and while we were rescuing Russian Coal Miners in the Ural Mountains, we made friends with the local reindeer.” He turned and Santa viewed the other St. Bernard’s escorting a magnificent team of reindeer towards him. Carl continues, “They have all volunteered to pull the sleigh. We found an old sleigh in a barn, cleaned it up and we trained them to be a great sleigh team for you. Santa may I introduce Comet, Cupid, Vixen, Dancer, Prancer, Dasher and Donner. And Santa, the shy guy in the back is Rudolph, he got too close to Chernobyl and his nose glows, he’s sensitive about that, so don’t make fun of him.”

Santa was delighted, hitched the team to his sleigh and took them out for a spin. They handled well, a little over steer in tight turns, but they could pull any load. “The reindeer were really the best choice,” exclaimed Santa and from that day on reindeer have pulled his sleigh. Then the old elf told them a little secret, he motioned them to come closer and said, “Santa was able to keep the unicorns because he has an animal rescue permit.

Because the unicorns liked to pull the sleigh, on some summer nights he hitches them up and takes special kids for a ride. Often people think that they are a shooting star or a comet in the sky, but that’s just their horns and tails lighting up.”

Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

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