Positive: Cal-Trans Hiring Again

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

(Victor Valley) – Cal-Trans and the State of California want to notify the public that they no longer have a hiring freeze and there are several openings posted on their website, including openings for heavy equipment operators.

Michelle Profant, Public Information Officer for Cal-Trans explained, “For all of the state’s positions, not just Cal-Trans, you can apply and a lot of them have testing available. Take the test online, get ranked, then when there is an opening candidates will be selected for an interview.”

Currently on the website there is a posting for permanent, full time heavy equipment operators with two years experience. Positions are available throughout San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Once online testing is completed successful candidates will be eligible to fill permanent full-time and seasonal positions.

Also in the winter Cal-Trans hires for temporary seasonal workers to drive the snow plows for when the snow events hit, according to Profant. “We have maintenance stations all over the place, up at Hwy 138 in the Cajon Pass. There are a couple up in the mountains too, one in Angelus Oaks and Running Springs.”
Applications, exam, qualification information is available at: www.dot.ca.gov/hq/jobs/Openexam2.htm

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