Cash For Grass Is Back With Astounding Conservation Numbers

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)-This week, the Mojave Water Agency announced the to date numbers of water conserved due to the Turf Removal Rebate Program, more well known as the Cash for Grass program.

The Cash for Grass program provides incentives in the form of rebates for the public to make changes to their landscapes that equals to conserving water. This includes the removal of water intense lawns and installation of more water saving, desert friendly plants. Since it’s inception in 2008, the program has had over 3,600 participants and a total of 4,207,055 square footage removed. That equals to 710 acre feet of water saved every year, according to the release from the Mojave Water Agency. When it breaks down to a monetary amount, the Mojave Water Agency stated, “At the rate MWA paid in October 2009 for permanent water rights to 14,000 acre-feet ($5,250 per acre-foot), purchasing 710 acre-feet would cost over $3.7 million dollars.”

“Conservation is another water supply, that is the way we look at it here at the Mojave Water Agency. So when we invest in Cash for Grass, were investing in savings for our local water supply,” elaborated MWA Conservation Manager Tamara Alaniz to High Desert Daily. Yet, even with the massive numbers of conserved water, the Cash for Grass program was actually suspend for a time last year.

“We actually had to suspend the program last year because we didn’t have the budget for it. However, we received a grant through Proposition 84 through the State of California Department of Water Resources, and because of that grant we were able to bring the program back.”

With the summer time approaching faster than many would like to think, conservation should be on all the residents of the High Desert’s minds. “The program is region wide and customers should get in when they can before summer. If you are interested in participating in the program, now is a great time to get in before you have to start watering your lawn once the hotter season comes around.”

How do you find out more information and apply to be in the Cash for Grass program? “The best place for people to find out more is their local water district. The local districts that participate in this program have applications and information available at their offices.”

For more information on the Mojave Water Agency, visit their website at

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