Graphic Novel Review: Everlast

Writer: Chad Michael Murray

Artists: Trevor Hairsine, Andrew Huerta, Robbi Rodriguez, J.K. Woodward and Danijel Zezelj

Publisher: Archaia Entertainment


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–Sometimes in the comic book industry, we get stars crossing over from other forms of entertainment to try their hand at comics. My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way went on to create The Umbrella Academy, one of the most critically acclaimed titles released. Actor/Director Kevin Smith made characters like Green Arrow and Daredevil cool again, but star power alone doesn’t equal a great read. So, with actor Chad Michal Murray’s debut into the comic scene, does he make an impact like Way and Smith, or does he fall into obscurity with Gene Simmons and his son?

Story: Many know Murray from his role in One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek. So, is Everlast in the same vein as the shows Murray is best known for? Not even close, the world of Everlast is one of survival, choices and the end of days. This is a grim world with a grim protagonist, Derek Everlast, who’s tasked with guiding the chosen people on Earth to Haven so that mankind can be reborn. Guided by “The Nudge”, Everlast has spent his time following this unnatural instinct in finding whom to save next, as only a small percentage of the world is chosen. Yet, something has happened, making the end come sooner than thought, which takes Everlast on a quest to deliver a young girl to Haven, while battling forces that can’t let that happen.

Murray crafts an excellent tale of destiny and decisions, of right and wrong, and of going against the grain. Everlast is a man doing what he knows best, but a man tied to his past brings his motives into question, calling for a look at the world before all goes awry. This antagonist is someone that knows Everlast’s job inside out, and does not agree with it in the slightest anymore. My only gripe about the story in this book is that it ends too soon, leaving much to be answered.

Art: Various artists come together to create the look and feel of Everlast. Some bring a scratchy, gritty feel to it, as others bring an almost painted-like polish. The art differences are done intentionally, as each shift in art brings about a new perspective, a new aspect to the tale. All the artists should be highly commended for their job well done, as the book captures the emotion and urgency one would imagine in a book about the end of the world.

Overall: In all honesty, I did not have high hopes for this book: maybe its because it was written by an actor, an actor that has been in shows that teen girls flocked to. I have no problem admitting I was wrong, and that Murray has shown that he has more than it takes to hold his own in the comic book industry. My only hope is that we see another Everlast volume soon, as the ending leaves our imaginations running wild with what happens next. Highly Recommended, I give Everlast a **** out of 5.

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