Graphic Novel Review: Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths

Writers: Brian Froud, Brian Holguin

Artwork: Alex Sheikman

Rating: TEEN

Publisher: Archaia Entertainment


By Nolan Patrick  Smith

(Victor Valley)–The Jim Henson partnership with Archaia has brought many familiar faces back to the spotlight: Fraggle Rock and The Dark Crystal being on the forefront. Many remember The Dark Crystal from the 1982 film, which showcased more of Henson’s creative genius. The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths takes readers to the beginning of a world, where life started to stir and a journey of a lifetime began.

Story: The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths tells the story of the planet Thra in its infant stages.  Long before evil touched down as in the film, the book shows how civilizations for the world’s inhabitants changed over the course of a lifetime. Aughra, the world’s newest life form, comes in to existence, helping and shaping this strange environment.

The Gelflings, the race seen in the old film, are present here. Aughra assists them with the ways of the world, as the Gelflings befriend her son with open arms. Of course, the world starts to change when strange beings come from the stars to help serve the world and its inhabitants. Are they friends? Foes? Indifferent? These strangers seem to play a big part in The Dark Crystal lore, and this book just touches on what is to come.

Art: Brian Froud, who worked on the original movie back in 1982, does the designs of the characters. The designs are breathtaking to say the least, capturing the essence of Henson’s masterpiece. Alex Sheikman, who has worked on such titles as Robotika, provides the interior art, and his work does not disappoint. Sheikman brings to life the vivid, exciting world of Thra, visually capturing readers from cover to cover.

Overall: I knew of The Dark Crystal film, but never had the chance to view it. After reading this book, I now cannot wait to view it. The entire book had the feel of something ancient and sacred, and being a Henson work, it should be considered sacred to the creative community. The book does leave off on a cliffhanger, making me wish the second volume was already out, but I have a feeling it will be worth the wait. Highly Recommended, I give The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths a **** out of 5.

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