MWA:Planning Ahead To Ensure Water For The Future

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–In only the third time in Agency history, work is about to begin in earnest on development of the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP). Staff has been given the green light to pursue Prop 84 grant funds to develop the IRWMP over the next two years.  The last IRWMP was completed in 2004.

In a departure from the last IRWMP, the new version will include a Salt/Nutrient Management Plan, a Climate Change Analysis, and an analysis of the Water-Related Needs of Disadvantaged Communities. Other components of the IRWMP update include:

Water Supply

Water Demand

Water Shortage Contingency Planning

Water Conservation and DMM’s

Integrated Flood Management

Stakeholder Assessment and Public Outreach

Basin Management Objectives and Alternatives

Working closely with the Technical Advisory Committee, staff expects to have the IRWMP completed in late 2013.  The document will be used by the Agency to, among other things, evaluate and prioritize water supply and management projects.  The 2004 IRWMP set the stage for a number of projects the Agency is currently working on, including R-Cubed, the Oro Grande Wash Recharge site, and the Water Conservation Incentive Program.  The Plan also positioned MWA to receive about $50 million in state and federal grant funding for local projects.

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