SB Courts Offering Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program In The New Year

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

Managing Editor

(Victor Valley) – Here’s an idea for a new year’s resolution – clear up old traffic tickets.  The Superior Court of San Bernardino is offering a 50% off Traffic Amnesty Program beginning January 1st. This program is aimed at drivers with outstanding traffic tickets that were due to be paid in full before January 1, 2009.

To be eligible for the program, drivers must meet a certain set of criteria.  All of the following must apply:

·  You either failed to appear in court or failed to pay in full.

· The last date you made a payment was on or before January 1, 2009.

·  You who don’t owe restitution to a victim on any case in the county where the traffic case was filed.

·  You who have no outstanding misdemeanor or felony warrants in the county where the traffic case was filed.

Christina Volkers, Assistant Court Executive Officer for the Superior Court of San Bernardino County, explained how to take advantage of the program, “If you think you may be eligible, come in or contacts us by phone. We will verify eligibility as best we can, then you can make a payment.”

“Now if someone sends in a check because they saw the media blitz, it might turn out that they are NOT be eligible. We have to check and make sure there’s been no activity since 2009 and it meets all of the criteria. If they are not eligible, of course we are going to accept the payment and then we will let them know that they still have an outstanding fine or fee.”

This program comes from Assembly Bill 1358 in which the California Legislature mandated that all 58 counties implement a one-time amnesty period that allows a lump sum payment of 50 percent of the outstanding balance on certain violations to fully satisfy that court ordered obligation.

“We’re looking forward to giving this opportunity to people.  In these hard economic times this is a good opportunity to clear out any outstanding traffic tickets,” Volkers said. “But this is only for this short period of time. We’re only offering it through June 30, 2012, just 6 months. We won’t be doing it again any time soon, I don’t suspect. If you are feeling guilty about that old traffic ticket, clear it up now.”

Only traffic tickets that were due to be paid before January 1, 2009, are eligible. Parking tickets, driving under the influence (DUI), and reckless driving cases are NOT eligible.

“We have a whole phone bank ready to take the calls and tell people if they are eligible or not, we’re glad to do that over the phone,” Volkers added. “Or they can come in to any counter in any of our 17 court locations.”

Call the court at 909-387-1470 to check your eligibility. Or visit their website for more information

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