Supervisor Mitzelfelt Unanimously Elected MDAQMD’s New Chairman Of The Board

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)-—San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt was unanimously

elected Chairman of the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District’s Governing Board

during today’s monthly meeting of the agency’s Board of Directors. Mitzelfelt will serve one

year at the helm of the High Desert air district’s governing body, with Town of Apple Valley Mayor Barb Stanton serving as Vice-Chair.

The MDAQMD’s Governing Board is comprised of 12 representatives from the two Counties

and nine incorporated Cities located within the MDAQMD’s boundaries and one Public member

appointed by the balance of the Board. The District’s Board is responsible for adopting rules,

setting policies and providing direction on important air quality issues affecting the Mojave


“This organization has a dual mission: one is to protect air quality, and the other is to protect our

economy, and the two go hand in hand,” Mitzelfelt said shortly after his appointment as Chair.

“If you destroy the economy, you actually end up hurting the environment.” Referring to the

challenges local agencies face in implementing state and federal regulations, Mitzelfelt added

that, “We’re the ones charged with trying to live within those rules, regulations and laws, and it

is a very difficult challenge. I look forward to continuing in a leadership role to do just that.”

The MDAQMD is the local air pollution control agency for San Bernardino County’s High

Desert region and the Palo Verde Valley portion of Riverside County. The District is responsible

for regulating stationary air pollution sources and implementing state and federal air quality rules

and regulations within its 20,000-plus square mile jurisdiction, which is home to over 540,000


Mitzelfelt has served as a member of the MDAQMD’s Governing Board since 2007, as its Vice

Chair since 2010 and has been a vocal proponent of suspending AB32 – the Global Warming

Solutions Act of 2006- during his tenure on the MDAQMD Board.

1 comment for “Supervisor Mitzelfelt Unanimously Elected MDAQMD’s New Chairman Of The Board

  1. Michael Gallagher
    January 24, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Stalemate. Regulations restrict growth. Just ask the thousands of businesses who have either left California or closed the doors due to over-regulation. good luck with this one. If “Global Warming” is real, there is nothing anybody can do to change it. There are actually more studies that prove the opposite. The Earth’s core is cooling and average temperatures are the same.

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