Victorville Police Urge You to Think Safety before You Warm Up That Car

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

Managing Editor

(Victorville)– Now that the days are shorter and the cold weather is upon us, the Victorville Police Station is reminding us all to be mindful of safety.

You may have seen people go out and start up their car in the morning to get it warmed up and get the heater going. Maybe you have done this. Karen Hunt with the Victorville Police Station explained, “When it gets colder we find that people tend to start warming up their vehicle. They’ll get their car running in their driveway or at the curb, go back inside the house to grab their lunch or some last minute thing, then come back out and their vehicle is gone. So, it’s an opportunity that someone else just can’t pass up.”

Also, do not leave your vehicle running when you go into the coffee shop or convenience store to purchase your morning coffee. By doing these things you’re creating crimes of opportunity.

“Basically don’t leave your vehicle running unattended – period,” Hunt continued. “It’s not necessarily that there’s someone waiting for you to do this. Sometimes it’s just a matter of someone taking advantage of the situation, a crime of opportunity.”

Think safety when performing your daily activities and you’ll likely reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a crime. Don’t make children possible victims by leaving them in the car whether it’s cold or hot as that can be detrimental to their health and is a crime. As problematic as having your vehicle stolen can be, don’t chance that your child would be left inside the vehicle if someone decides to take it.

For more information contact the Victorville Police Station 760-241-1841.

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