Victorville Road Advisory

By Staff Reports

WHAT: 4-way flash

WHERE: Intersection of Bear Valley Road and Ridgecrest Road.

WHEN: Until Thursday, February 2, 2012


On Friday, January 27th at approximately 6:15 AM, a truck collided with the pole and mast arm for the eastbound traffic at the intersection of Bear Valley Road and Ridgecrest Road.

By approximately 8 AM, the City traffic signal crew had cleared the intersection, placed the traffic signal on four-way flash and set up temporary stop signs.

In order to bring the intersection to full operation, work will involve using a truck crane to install the pole and mast arm using a high lift truck, requiring eastbound lane closures at night.

The intersection should be restored to full operation by Thursday, February 2nd.

Motorists are encouraged to utilize alternate routes and to exercise caution when

driving in the vicinity.

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