AB 327 Proposal To Scale Back 3 Strikes Law Pushed Back

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–An Assemblymember from Los Angeles has introduced a legislative measure to soften the Three Strikes Law. It requires leniency in the third strike cases, specifically stating that the “defendant who has 2 or more prior violent or serious felony convictions shall receive the enhanced indeterminate life sentence only if the defendant’s current conviction is for a serious or violent felony, as defined.” According to the California District Attorneys Association, “Despite the fears and protestation of opponents, the Three Strikes law has been used sparingly and allows for discretion at both the prosecutorial and judicial levels. The prosecution is permitted to request that the court dismiss a felony strike.”  The bill has just been amended with the voting date being pushed back, becoming effective only when submitted to, and approved by, the voters, at the November 4, 2014, statewide general election.

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