Breaking News: County Agrees To Settlement With Former CAO

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–The County has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by former County Administrative

Officer Mark Uffer for $650,000, allowing both sides to avoid the costs associated with a trial.

The settlement amount is less than 5 percent of the approximately $15 million originally

sought by the plaintiff. Retired San Bernardino County Superior Court Presiding Judge John W.Kennedy Jr., an outside mediator who worked on the case, strongly endorsed the settlement as reasonable and fair to both sides.

The County agreed to settle only to avoid the costs of going to court. The County does

not believe any new information would have emerged during a trial, and in agreeing to the settlement proposal the County maintained its disagreement with all of the plaintiff’s claims.

Attorneys estimated the trial alone would cost the County at least $400,000. The

proceedings, which were set to begin April 2, in addition to even a moderate settlement, award or judgment, could have pushed the County’s costs beyond the settlement that was achieved today.

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